Benefits of Ajwa dates and Paste

Ajwa dates and Ajwa date paste can cure and prevent various diseases. Science has proven that these dates are filled with vital minerals and various other nutrients that help our body grow, heal, and continue to function normally.  Ajwa dates contain a high percentage of carbohydrates, 15 salts and minerals, 14 types of fatty acids, 23 amino acids, 6 vitamins, and a large number of dietary fiber.

  • Because of high amount of carbohydrate content, Ajwa dates provide a burst of energy. Which leads to a good exercise routine and in turn ultimately important for heart health.
  • Ajwa dates are rich in potassium which is essential for life and vital for the heart.
  • Protecting from and treatment to pellagra, a disease which is manifested as dermatitis, dementia and fatigue.
  • Get healthy & bright skin and to cure against various skin diseases.
  • Ajwa Dates can be used for the prevention against magic, madness, frustration, headache, poison or mental disorders.
  • Good for protein metabolism.
  • For liver problems: It is more effective to reduce liver but can also prevent liver diseases.
  • Good for poor eyesight, night blindness and eye diseases.
  • Ajwa dates are most effective for throat problems, fever, edema and cystitis.
  • Effective in preventing abdominal cancer, abdominal diseases, disturbance in intestines, strong remedy to kill the worms of abdomen and relieves constipation.
  • Eating Ajwa dates help prevent anemia.
  • Ajwa dates also contain magnesium which helps in keeping your bones strong and healthy.
  • Calcium which is good for your bone and teeth is present in ajwa dates and along with this, calcium also plays a vital role in strengthening the nervous system.
  • Ajwa Date is a great remedy for sexual disability; it should be used with milk and honey. It improves energy level in body as well.
  • Ajwa date is most wholesome for pregnant women.The use of Ajwa dates during and after pregnancy improves blood circulation in mother and baby bodies and it is very helpful for growth of mother milk too.
  • Extremely useful in Male & Female infertility, best ever treatment.
  • Basic ajwa dates milkshake is a great alternative to sport and energy drinks. The shake will provide more strength and muscle repair than any other protein shake or sport drinks. Not to forget that it is free from any preservatives and chemicals which in the long run won’t affect the body.
  • Ajwa Khajoor paste is also recommended for those patients who have been advised bypass surgery or angioplasty.